Community Acupuncture Center




Deah Kinion, L. Ac.

604 - 2nd St. SW., Rochester, MN

(507) 990-3299



"When Chi is abundant no pathogen can invade, not even when forces of nature are disrupted and plagues are near".

-Yellow Emperor

circa 2500 BCE


Abundant-Chi is located on 2nd St. SW., the main east-west street into downtown Rochester, less than a mile east from Hwy. 52, at the corner of 6th Ave. SW. (there is a stop-light at the corner). The center is 3 blocks west of Mayo Clinic. Six blocks west of Broadway. It is next to Just-Rite Foods, and kitty-corner from Ozmun West (Mayo campus building).

The address is 604 - 2nd St. SW. Rochester, MN 55902


Free street parking is available,
please do NOT park at the back of the building.

Get Directions To:
604 2nd St SW
Rochester MN 55902

*Chi - pronounced chee is a Chinese word for vitality, breath, or life force.

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